We have been adding lots of new goodies have been added!!  Some items are limited in quantity so hurry hurry hurry!! We are still adding more items too so keep checking back!

You can see which items are new by scrolling through the categories and it will say NEW next to a category that has new items in it.

Enjoy the eye candy!!!


Ok so it is getting down to the wire for us here!! We have had a few delays with customs so things are tight as usual…..Anyhow we still wanted to be able to offer our online customers who are not going to Tucson some of these lovely goodies so here you go!!

So take a look under the one of a kinds and we added some new Chalcedony polished plates, very very sweet Chrysoprase, Tanzanite faceted plates that are to die for and at a great price! Only have these two and it might soon be one if I decide I must keep one for myself so you better hurry!! Lovely Apatite polished plates and some sweet Larimar plates.  Now under the Gemstone Beads section there are so nice Chalcedony heishis, this is the same stone that we make the plates in but this is the part of the rock that has more inclusions and we do not want to waste it so we came up with this and they look great! The outside is polished (the wheel part) and the ends on each is rough or unpolished.  We also added some more round African Yellow Opals.  Anyhow there you have it!  Anyhow a few more goodies for you all to drool over!! Enjoy and remember get those orders in before we pack up!!

Hi Everyone!

Believe it or not it is time for Tucson again.  We have a lot of requests for website items to be seen in person etc. so please place your order by Fri 1/25 11:59pm as we need to start packing for our two shows.  If you place an order after that I can not guarantee 100% that it will be available but I will try my best.  If you want to email first no problem we do have internet service available. We will also try to ship your items out but again I can not guarantee that as it is very hectic and exhausting there.  If we can not ship from there it will go out 2-19-13.  If you have had your eye on something grab it before we go as it might not be there when we return. 

If you are attending Tucson you can see the show dates on the Schedules page. We are at GJX and Holidome.

Thanks also to everyone for your previous order, we hope our goodies make you stand out leaps and bounds from your competitors and help to grow your business!  We love hearing about how all your successes!

May 2013 bring even more creativeness, prosperity and happiness to you all!!

Hi All,
First of I just wanted to apologize for my lack of blogging….I have been dealing with continuous health issues and as easy as it seems to blog
it really is just to much…Sorry…This will be short and sweet!

We will be adding new items for the next week or so!! YAY!! So keep checking back as some of the items are in limited quantity so if you want it grab it while you can!

Enjoy all the new eye candy! And many thanks for all your business!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on the shipping status of website orders.  We have a lot of requests for one of a kind and limited edition items for personal viewing at the Tucson show.  So unfortunately we will not be able to ship your items until we return on 2/13.  The website inventory may not be accurate due to sales at the show.  We will try to do our best to fulfill your order.  If you have any questions please email us at info@bonitacreations.com and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience.


Ok we are trying to get more items listed still before Tucson for all of you that are not going.  So we just added some more of the heishi disc beads in Pink Opal,  Pink Tourmaline, Prehnite and Tanzanite.  They have a nice matte finish and they really are stunning.  You can make up a very simple yet elegant necklace by just adding some little spacers or a nice focal.  We also added some great double drilled plates in Ametrine, Lemon Quartz and Tanzanite.  I especially love the look of the Ametrine! Very different!  I know some of you may be familiar with our Aragonite Crystal clusters from the Tucson show.  These are very unique and have caused quite a few scuffles at the Tucson show.  We actually ended up selling out of them at the past Tucson shows and that included the ones we had set aside for the website because things were getting a little out of hand over them!  So we wanted to make sure and get a few up now before we get to Tucson.  I have seen these done as a focal and also done as a full necklace.  They just make you want to touch them, they are so fun and different.  As usual with our stuff you are not going to find this elsewhere!  The Ethiopian matte Fluorite has been really popular, we just added more but this time we had them string them with a variety of the colors on it so it really looks great just like that with the mix of colors.  Also added beautiful Lodolite Quartz beads where each bead looks like its own little world!  Also a great price at $120 for this stunning collar.

Now another item we added is a Quartz from Pakistan, we call them Pakimers as they resemble the Herkimers.  They are NOT Herkimers.  They are still a very amazing stone, they are naturally formed and natural points.  They have a really great feel to them.

Take some time and take a good look at everything and see what you can not live with out!!  Time is ticking, Tucson is around the corner and we have a lot of request for items from the web so it may not be available for long!

We just added some really cool matte heishi/disc items in Aquamarine,  Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Amethyst.  There are a variety of sizes in it as well.  Grab them while you can because Tucson is around the corner!!  Oh we also updated some inventory on the double drilled plates and there are some great green Kyanite double drilled plates that are new too!